100 Strengths Project

Two years ago I shared personal family information on Facebook. It was not an easy post to write and nerve wrecking to share because of how private we can be. However it was enlightening to share in that it helped for my Dads procedure and recovery.

Thank you to all that have reached out and supported us over the past two years and we feel incredibly blessed to have a healthy holiday season all together. If there is anything you could do this season, prepare a letter with memories for a loved one. Trust me, it’s the best gift you can give. 💙 #thankful

I will have posts next week covering new music however I wanted to share again in case it gives someone some inspiration for gift giving season.

– Meg

Below is the original post. 💙

It is with great uncertainty and vulnerability that I share this personal family information.

Strength is required in most circumstances; if not all. It humbles us, helps us make the right choices, and it guides us through the unbearable times. It is during these tough times that we all need a reminder what is worth fighting for; especially when cancer is a factor.

This past February I was motivated to start a project after the recent news that my father would be needing a bone marrow transplant. Heartbroken over his medical update, I was inspired to find a way to make at least a moment of each day enjoyable during his procedure. The idea started simple with collecting photos over various periods of his life. The 100th day of a BMT is a recognized benchmark, so it was only logical to fill 100 envelopes.

#100StrengthsProject 100 Envelopes; 100 days; 100 memories; 100 bright moments

Through unfavorable time delays due to both hip replacements and chemotherapy, I was also able to add comic strips, fun facts, and most recently quotes from various sports teams. This past weekend on his birthday, I was finally able to give him his “treasure chest” of envelopes. It was necessary timing in that the process for the BMT started yesterday.

I love my dad and being the private person he is, very few are aware of the seriousness of his procedure. I am sharing #100StrengthsProject because the best part is there is still 98 envelopes left. Still time to add to each envelope…

Friends and family, please if you feel inclined to share a photo, memory, or quote let me know. It will certainly make one of his days a little bit brighter.

For updates on his health:

caringbridge.org/ search Jay Hinde



Thank you to my friends with the Rivercats, Kings, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Coyotes, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Bruins, and SF Niners for the recent assistance. 🙂

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