Girl Crush | 2017

Girl crush

So there’s something I’ve needed to get off my chest…

For a while this has been weighing heavy on my chest and I couldn’t think of a better crowd to share my confession with than the BBC Bandana Babes so here it goes…

*ahem* que “Girl Crush” instrumentals…

Her name is Summer Duncan.


For those of you not versed in insta-stalking she is Jon Pardi’s girlfriend and she is seriously everything. My #girlcrush began like most “insta”crushes… completely innocent. While scrolling through the browse section on a boring work day afternoon (sorry boss), I came across this GORGEOUS blonde girl from Fresno.

I mean it is not even fair! She can rock a snapback or an evening gown and look completely natural (which is really EVERY girls goal).

Am I Right? Just look below!


So this crush subsequently matured into a borderline obsession. Not only is Summer gorg but she is genuinely nice (I have it on good authority from Naomi Cooke that this is indeed true). On top of her pretty smile, perfect hair and wonderful personality, she always seems to be traveling and having a blast with the company of my music favorites  like Midland, Runaway June and Ashley McBryde.

Screenshot 2017-12-04 22.09.25 copy

I have come to terms that my idolization might be combined with a big heaping pile of FOMO (feeling of missing out ((mother wanted to know))) REGARDLESS you should join me and follow her too. Because I will be happy to converse over her incredible style with any of my fellow Bandana Babes.

Screenshot 2017-12-04 22.20.54 copy

Screenshot 2017-12-04 22.07.41 copy

*ahem* que “Confessions Part 2” instrumentals…

I have a confession, Summer isn’t my only crush.

Somewhere along the journey of my infatuation of everything country music, I’ve found myself drawn to artists wives and girlfriends.

I mean they are the backbone, the inspiration, the God damn beautiful muses of our favorite music making machines we know and love right?

So… here are my other babes I can’t help but crush on as well.


Tatiana Houser is literally a domestic goddess.

I am not sure how her kitchen skills are so mature at her age but I’m seriously impressed. I mean I’m over here burning bread (aha “toast”) and she’s making four (4) different types of chili from scratch with no recipe. I mean Randy strolls on in to the kitchen and has a gormat vegan perfection meal probably every meal of the day. How is that even fair!

Can I just be Tatiana’s side chick so she can feed me?


I’m really hoping she releases a how-to-guide for being perfect because her home decor, mad kitchen skills, raising of Hawk Houser and stupid straight teeth all lead me to believe she can do no wrong!

So please Tatiana help the rest of us out and share your secrets!!!

Screenshot 2017-12-04 22.14.02 copy.png

*ahem* insert “Entourage Theme Song” instrumentals

Sabina Gadecki. Period – End of Story. Just kidding.



I have been following her WAY before she became Tyler Rich’s plus one… but our clear connection of loving country music just makes me adore her that much more. Not only did she introduce me to the Flabongo (which has changed my summer/boating activities/concert adventures life for the better). ALSO she is the best Halloween costume making, karaoke singing, bandana rocking babe I have come across on the social media world (oh and the real world; I swear I’m social sometimes) in a LONG time.


All of this adds to her charm and I simply just love her dad’s dancing and everything that she likes to share on her day-to-day insta stories like CHARLIE.

Oh and P.S. she’s besties with Ayesha Curray #WARRIORS


Okay — So my last “crush” is a bit off the wall; you could even say he’s unforgettable.

Okay we know that was corny…


Shane McAnally; Lyric extraordinaire, SMACK songs founder, best husband in Nashville (as far as Blue Bandana Country is concerned) and adorable father to Dash and Dylan is our next crush… for multiple reasons .

Shane is not only a country music powerhouse (THIRTY-FOUR #1s (if those are important to you)) BUT he may have the cutest kids on the planet.  His two children are literally the most photogenic kids but they are also incredibly polite and are so adorable that I simply want to be their adopted aunt!

I swear every single day…  the days I have time for instagram (which lets be real is everyday) I just cant help but watch his entire InstaStory of his family. I promise him and Michael are the BEST dads ever and it also doesn’t hurt that my boyfriends name is Shane (Sorry Babe, had to include you…)

Screenshot 2017-12-04 21.58.27 copy.png

ALSO Shane McAnally’s  Dolly Parton obsession is right after my own heart. If you don’t already… go follow him and within a day you’ll be crushing hard too..

I promise #familygoals

Screenshot 2017-12-04 22.32.57 copy

Anyway… the list could go on (horrifying I know) but I think you get the picture…

Not only am I a stage five #InstaStalker, I have  also clearly got wayyyyy too much time to kill at work on the daily.

Now let’s hope my boss never reads this and decides to add to my workload.

P.S. I am only posting this because I am checking out to Ireland and Iceland for two weeks. HA.


Champagne & Kisses,

Bandana Babe Sarah

Bandana Babe Sarah
Bandana Babe Sarah

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