Next Morning Hangover | Happy New Year Y’all


Yep… Happy New Year!

So as a weird person… I have an appeal to even years (okay, mostly its because I am a SF Giants fan). Needless to say some of my best years and memories fall on even years… So cheers to a HUGE 2018 ahead. #youhavenoidea

So ill keep it brief, since New Years day usually brings a lovely hang over for all you lushes, I have a “Next Morning Hangover” playlist.

With that pounding head that you might have, these selected songs might motivate you to get up and hit the hair of the dog or just lay in bed all day… Either way it’ll allow you to reminisce on the activities of the year previous.

January also tends to fill up the gyms with sweaty ambitions, so here is a “2018 Workout” playlist (in case you need to work off the holiday fluff).

(Babes – it has barely any country *explicit*)

You’re Welcome.



Peace, Love & Cali Kisses – Meg


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