Bandana Babe Trip Tips

Sarah tapping in…

Girlfriends are like the perfect shade of foundation in your life.

Yes you can dress yourself up with blush, mascara and lipstick but if you don’t have good foundation then nothing else is really going to work –  am I right ladies? 

Here at Blue Bandana Country we are all about cultivating that foundation with our girlfriends through epic memories that we can laugh about all the way to the nursing home.  


Let’s face it, although your amazing boyfriend/finance/hubby/life partner rocks he’s not the one who’s going to listen to your crisis over which black booties to buy at the Nordy’s half yearly sale. 

Your best babes however will respond to your conundrum with a power point presentation and a pie chart  (or in BBC Founder Megan‘s case an excel sheet) to help you make that decision that will affect your entire fall wardrobe.


Because of this reason (and a hundred and one gazillion more) it’s super important to carve out time to spend with just your best babes and what better way to do that than a girls trip!


It’s pretty much necessary for the sanity of all female kind to have a weekend to be your obnoxious self with your besties.

AHEM or “week” in the case of our upcoming EPIC BANDANA BABE NASHVILLE TRIP 

Since this is the most important thing you will read about today, I have decided to compile “trip tips” to have the best getaway ever. 

BBC Trip Tips.web.jpg


Location, location, location…

It is so incredibly important to pick the right place to rendezvous with your babes because let’s face it, no one wants to end up on a romantic getaway without their man.

Trust me from living that unfortunate experience, it’s just depressing.

So my top recommendations are as follows:

  • Wine country because there is nothing better than endless bubbles and rose all day. 


  • An epic spa resort (think Palm Springs) where you can indulge in massages, good food and relaxing by the pool.


  • A party city like Vegas, New Orleans, Nashville, LA or Austin; which will be full of live shows, bar hopping and spontaneous adventures.


  • Sporting events (if that’s your thing) like Spring Training in Arizona or a golf tournament like Waste Management Open or the any Pro AM.
I have not yet experienced Spring Training as a girls trip yes… but I’ll check back in next month after I attend Giants spring training in Scottsdale with my girls. I’ve heard legendary stories from friends about how amazing of a time it is.

Think back to tailgating before the “big college game” on steroids.



Why do we limit ourselves to bachelorette parties and Halloween?

Dressing up with your friends is always fun. Even if it’s just themed t-shirts (think animals in bandana’s or song lyrics).

This simple pre-planned idea, will not only unite your group but also will make everyone easy to spot – that way you’re not ending up home at the end of the night wondering where the F is Lisa?

File Feb 20, 5 33 06 PM.jpeg


Some Tunes

In true Blue Bandana Country fashion you must have an epic playlist to be the sound track to your worthy getaway.

I mean how epic would Bridesmaids, The Hangover & Girls Trip would have been without the music?

A curated playlist will set the mood off right and make sure that you don’t have to listen to random shuffle on someones phone which might result in uncovering their hidden obsession with goth metal…

We recommend checking out these badass playlists BBC has curated for past trips… and even a sneak preview for an upcoming one.


Blue Bandana Country PHOTOSHOOT Playlist

BBC Megan’s 28th Birthday – Tahoe

Crystal’s 30th Wine Trip

Upcoming Nashville Party Barge (Incomplete)

Don’t forget about all our playlists RIGHT here on our website!!!

BBC Apple Music Playlists

BBC Spotify Playlists


The Flabongo


This item actually made my SUMMER 2017 and is guaranteed to make your life a hit!!!!

DISCLAIMER: Although I don’t always support binge drinking, I do 100% guarantee you’ll have the best time if you have a FLABONGO.

If you’ve never heard of one you’re clearly missing out on everything that is epic in the world and you need to go get yourself one NOW! 

I mean you might even get an opportunity to have someone from Bachelor Nation do it with you.




Hand in hand with the Flabongo goes a portable karaoke mic  – again always a good idea and always a guaranteed epic time. 

(i.e. Kris Jenner on Valentine’s Day and our favorite Kacey Musgraves via instastory) 

No but really go check out her “Kacey-Oke”


Videos to be shared… after Nashville in April.



And so it goes…


No matter where you go, what you do or what you bring… just remember that time with your friends is good for your soul. 

It’s a place to be uniquely you and to be appreciated for that.

So don’t forget to make time for a girl’s trip (or three) in 2018 because there’s nothing like it!


P.S. Tag us in your fun girls trip adventures! We always love to see what other bandana babes are getting up too!


Champagne & Kisses

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