Rock Star – My Mother

An open letter to Lori Hinde.


Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know the exclamation points are a bit excessive but I was hoping you could hear me scream it all the way down in Sacramento up to Redding since we aren’t doing the brunch thing till later today.

I also included so many due to the fact you deserve every ounce of enthusiasm today and each day of the year because you are a rock star. However I am not talking about the rock stars like the one’s I see almost every week, that do insane solo’s and have pink hair on stage; I am talking about a broken down version of the word.

Don’t worry I will explain. 

The last few years have been tough. We have been fortunate and blessed through difficult circumstances to keep riding through them but like most families face… we have been hit with quite a few. The “simple” complexities like my move to Arizona and back, Garrett getting through college combined with the difficulties of Dad’s double hip surgeries and his bone marrow transplant has been more than what our Hinde family deserves. However the first two to mention will set both Garrett and I up for success but the hardship years of Dad’s health is more than most individuals can take.

I firmly believe that the only reason those tough (very recent) years have been survivable is due to your over organized, resilient attitude. You have navigated every detail and every last dollar without a blink of an eye so the level of that stress has not affected us. That, my mother, is being a rock. Holding your ground in a river through a tough winter (think of the GIANT rocks up at Sweetbriar for imagery). 

Now as far as being a star… I mention navigation in the previous paragraph. Some people look to the sky to make a wish on a falling one or dream up big ambitions that may never prevail. Stars to me are a representation of what to strive towards. Although I am in a completely different position at my age than you were at 28, you always will be the one I look to for guidance and opinion of my next steps. I may be stubborn and do them anyway but with everything I try to accomplish I do so with the grace of the inhereitied perfectism you gave me. You have endured our hardships to support the whole family and this is why I will always look to you as a guiding star. 

If that explnation of rock star isn’t enough, I’d like to refer my second favorite phrase. Most say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree however I like the version “the acorn doens’t fall far from the tree.” As I keep getting older and diving into all the different complexities of life, I find myself being more like you everyday. At least all the good qualities like being overorganized, empthetic, taking things head on. Basically I am an acorn growing right next to a rock solid tree that is heading up in the direction towards the stars.

Now that I have broken down rock star for you and compared myself to a growing smooth oval nut… please know that this next complicated, shitty, stupid, difficult, undeserving hardship of your breast cancer diagnosis from March will not be one that we can’t all get through together.

As you have guided us through the last few years, as a family we hope to work all together to naviagte through this next circumstance.

We all love you very much and hey here is your BLOG POST!



To BBC Following: Beyond what you’ve learned in the post, my mother has been a rock star every step of the way for Blue Bandana Country. With her amazing sewing skills (which I did not inherit) and her knack of play on words… thank you for the following…

  • The AMAZING bandana quilt that has been featured in multiple photo shoots 
  • The badass bandana American flag that has also been featured in photo shoots
  • The 25 hand sewn SWAG bags for Savannah’s upcoming bachelorette party
  • The adorbale Blue Bandana Country Christmas stocking and ornaments you surprised me for my favorite holiday 
  • The 60+ adorable bags that I have given the blue bandana out in
  • The clever name of “Back Pocket Talk”

On top of the 60+ bags I gave out to a few friends… they all had a few words to say for your hardwork during the last few months during the build up of difficult news…




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