California Roadtrip

First and foremost, this has been a whirlwind of a summer.

From concerts, Nashville trips on a whim, weddings & roadtrips I have come to find out that it is difficult to slowdown and finish a post or playlist.

However there is good news.

I have a lot of material, provoking thoughts and nearly finished WordPress posts.

This fall will bring an abundance of stories that I look forward to sharing with you but I thought I would leave you with a BRAND new playlist inspired from my peaceful and productive Saturday morning.

As I drank my coffee (brewed by my wonderful roommate) and ate breakfast (which I never allow the time to do) I knew that I owed myself and the babes something today.

Here is a playlist to get you by on an upcoming trip home, while cleaning your house or slowing down with a cup of coffee while watching leaves dance to the ground this fall.

Some artists you’ll recognize and even some classic songs but I trust I will introduce you to something new.

Blue Bandana Country – California Roadtrip

Apple Music 


califorina road trip2.JPG



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