Faren Rachels “On Paper”


Holy guacamole I still cannot believe it is 2019 and I need to begin planning a whole year of music adventures. In fact I just got back from one in Nashville but I will feature that experience on another post.

Anyway, 2018 was certainly a strong year of album releases and singles but with artists like Maren Morris, Luke Combs & Old Dominion in the studio I have an inclination that it is going to be a power house year for the country music genre.

But we need not ignore the fact that we have some very talented artists that deserve the “new artist spotlight”. 

Faren Rachels: Our favorite Georgia female artist has released her music video for her most recent heart warming single “On Paper”.

As most of you close to the Blue Bandana Country circle know, we absolutely adore Faren and had a pleasure to see her perform twice at the end of 2018. She also was our very first Back Pocket Talk circa January 2018!

“On Paper” is a song I encourage you all to download/stream and add to your LOVE playlists but also… this music video is incredibly heartwarming.



If you LOVE it like we do, don’t forget to vote for it on CMT Music 12 Pack Countdown and to request it from your local radio stations and Sirius XM The Highway !



More music memories to come… 



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