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♫ Megan Hinde


B & W

My name is Megan (but my friends call me Megs) and I have been chiming into conversations about the music industry for the past twelve years. At the start of this blog I was working in commercial real estate back in California but since May 2019 I have been living in Nashville.

I am blessed to say I have two professional roles in the entertainment industry currently…

  • Marketing Coordinator at Average Joes Entertainment
  • Marketing Assistant to Peachtree Entertainment

Beyond those roles you could basically I am the grown up version of Angelica Pickles but replace cookies with music (I like cookies too).

Since the early 00’s,  all of my friends would request mix cds because of my knack for finding “new” artists. This has since progressed into creating playlists and giving recommendations of whom to see and check out in concert. With this intuitive insight combined with my Katherine Heigl OCD personality, it only made sense to go down a road of combining a passion with an “idea”.

Blue Bandana has been my progressive dream the last two years and I am excited to partner with my west coast babes while I live in Nashville.

A LOT of creative energy and music intuition will be featured, so please subscribe and chime in too!

Peace, Love & NASH Kisses

#BossBabe Megan

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♫ Greta  Miller

Graphic Genius Babe

Greta BW

Hello, viewers! Thanks for dropping in and reading about the Blue Bandana Country Team. 

I’m Greta – people also know me as G, or Greta Lynn. Similarly to dogs, I’ll respond to almost anything if it’s presented in a higher pitch… or a southern drawl. I’m a graphic designer by day, clothing line baller by night (days/nights/weekends/all the freaking time honestly), and recently joined a nonprofit team that I can’t wait for the world to see (coming soon!). I spend what additional time I have experiencing anything and everything my incredible city has to offer. Did I mention I live in Nashville?! *heart eyes*

I was born and raised in gorgeous Northern California (west coast best coast!), and moved to Nashville, TN in 2014. Unlike the vast majority of folks who move to Nashville, I didn’t come here to chase a dream of music or entertainment. I was looking for a relaxed country lifestyle with a big enough economy to expand my career in graphic design.

Y’all — my life story is a long one, but to sum up the story of how I ended up in Nashville; I had a conversation with God and he led me right where I needed to be.

Music. Music gives us life; right?! I’m passionate about music itself, and I’m most impressed with the culture behind the scenes; songwriters, stories about how things came to be, awards, events, etc.

My background is in graphic design, which I’m also passionate about. I’ve been a graphic designer and creative professional for over 10 years now – I’m young af, thank you – and have worked in the sign industry for just as long.

I’ve been SO fortunate to have my two loves (music and design) collide in my career. Moving to Nashville opened so many doors. I’ve been blessed to contribute to events like the CMA Awards, CMT Awards, CMA Fest, private artist events, Music Row #1 celebrations, and so much more. IT. BLOWS. MY. MIND. I’m forever grateful for the experiences I’ve been given in Nashville.

Let me tell you about my connection to Blue Bandana Country!

The founder, Megan Hinde, and I have been girlfriends since high school and we’ve really lived out our passion for music and entertainment in our own separate ways.  Back in 2016, Megan told me about her idea for BBC and I seriously could not support it harder. I started out as a cheerleader for Megs until she was ready to put things into play. Initially, we took baby steps to bring her vision to life. I helped by organizing her idea explosions and translated them into visual communications with her audience. It’s kind of snow-balled from there. My contribution in BBC is still mostly in design and merch/swag, with content and multi-media splashed in.

All in all, I’m proud to be a part of Blue Bandana Country, and a part of Megan’s dream. She’s killin it! Love you hard, fam!

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♫ Taylor Sutter 

 Social Media Babe


Hey ya’ll! My name is Taylor.

You will typically find me in the middle of a dance floor with an “air guitar” OR ordering a Jameson & pickleback from the bar.

I am originally from a town in SW Michigan, best described as a corn “village” due to it’s population being under 1,000. However, it is important to note that I relocated to Sacramento right out of high school in 2011.

My love for country music started before I came out of the womb. My Momma was good friends with Diamond Rio and I was treated to an abundance of small town shows before I was even old enough to sing along to Meet In The Middle. My dad also blasted George Strait or Brooks & Dunn any chance he got.

BUT, if we’re going to talk about being a #fangirl… lets talk about my girl SHANIA TWAIN. Did you just hear the intro for “Man I Feel Like a Women”?! because I always do. 😉

April 2018 is where MY Blue Bandana Country chapter begun.

Let me tell you, that was a BIG month for me.  Not only did I graduate with my Associates Degree in Elementary Education but Megan (Founder of BBC) invited me on her PR trip to Nashville. That’s where it all began.

Music City simply made me feel SO at home that I even considered having all of my stuff shipped so I could stay, (I didn’t). When I arrived back to Sacramento, I quickly realized my job as a preschool teacher was not going to fulfill my career desires. As much as I LOVE kids my heart yearned for something beyond the four walls of a classroom. My passion was music and even if I was on the West Coast I decided I was going to do something about it.

SO I quit my stable role and income in Sacramento to come up with a risky game plan. I may not be in Nashville (yet) but I felt that the next step was applying to my favorite radio station. Guess what?! I GOT THE ROLE.

Almost a year later, I still can’t believe I get paid to work in THIS industry.


Are you wondering yet what I do for BBC as a Social Media Babe?

WELL, I manage all of our highlights and game plan what kickass women we feature on a daily basis. This opportunity has allowed me to fall that much more in love with music which in return has opened up so many neat experiences for me and my other babes.

I am forever grateful to Meg inviting me on that trip not only for opening my eyes to a whole new world, but for her friendship, and ALL the other friendships (AKA powerful BABES) that Blue Bandana Country has brought me.

PS- If you ever see me dancing at a concert, or doing a whiskey shot in the middle of a country bar, please… don’t hesitate to join me. 😉


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♫ Sarah Hall

Content Babe

Sarah Hall

Hey all!  My name is Sarah and I have been a country super fan ever since I heard Trisha Yearwood’s XXX’s and OOO’s my freshman year of college, after that I couldn’t get enough!

I met BBC founder Megan the summer of 2017 and we bonded over our mutual love of 90’s rap at an impromptu Rev Run show (I know you were expecting me to say a country concert but hey we branch out sometimes!) She introduced me to her vision for Blue Bandana Country and I knew it was something I had to be a part of!

My regular life consists of working Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm as a property manager but any other time of day you can imagine me listening, talking and even obsessing over new music, country stars Instagram accounts, murder podcasts (random I know) and country radio.

This bandana babe lifestyle came completely natural to me and I can’t wait to share this exciting backroad journey with the rest of the BBC following.

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♫ Savannah Lawson 

Community Relations Babe


Hey Y’all!! My name’s Savannah; Sav, Savvy, Cakes, or THE Bandana Babe Mama.

Just like the rest of this all-female team, I have a serious obsession with country music (and also since June 2017 my perfect baby boy).

Why am I the Bandana Babe Mama??? After spending eight years in a rewarding career, I dropped the mic and joined the club of being a SAHM (stay-at-home mom).

Jaxson Cash is the best thing in this whole damn world. YALL, I know everyone says that about their kids but just look below… my boy is so much fun and always happy. Having  Jaxson and then returning back to work was so difficult (major kudos to those full-time working moms) that I did some reevaluating of what truly makes me happy and BAM! Here I am! Raising my boy and working with Blue Bandana Country. My heart is so full!

My love for country music started from birth. You’re probably rolling your eyes, like yeah right, you’re so cliche… But no, really!! I literally grew up listening to nothing but 90’s country: Reba, Shania, Garth, George, Kenny.

Country music is nostalgic for me. Not only do songs bring me back to some of my favorite memories but some of the biggest moments in my life have been based around my love for it.

  1. Dancing around the living room, standing on my grandpa Dougie’s boots
  2. Meeting this smoking hot guy in a bar who taught me how to line dance
  3. Meeting my bestie in the women’s restroom at my fav country bar in Sacramento.
    • Another Side Note: If you’ve ever seen a movie about love at first sight, that’s exactly how I met Megan. I was washing my hands in the restroom at Stoney’s when these two blonde bombshells (Meg and Jenn) walked in and confessed that they’d been staring at me all night and literally asked if would be their friend… WHO DOES THAT AT 22 YEARS OLD?! It was completely unexpected and I totally loved the 6 year-old-on-the-playground innocence behind it. Of course, I said yes and here we are many years later

Anyway… for some untold background, BBC started out as a dream of a “traveling music festival circus” for Meg and I… so it’s real “adult” of us that it’s actually turned into this blog.

We are so stoked to share our love of the art of country music.

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