Top Twenty Songs of 2017 | Part 2


Top Twenty Songs of 2017

Part 2


Song: Little Bit of Both

Artist: Chris Janson


Added: September 16, 2017

Writers: Chris Janson, Craig Wiseman & Ben Hayslip

Okay…. soooo Frankie Ballard originally released this song BUT Chris Janson wrote this and this is HIS version so it counts in Rule 1. I can bend my rules. My blog.

Much like hotdamalama this song is a fun one to keep up with because of its slick lyrics and hilarious twist on phrases and words.

Janson had to be included in our top because he killed it this year. We have been following Chris sent 2013 with Cut Me Some Slack (which we have some beef about). I had high hopes to watch him hit the radio for the last few years and was thrilled with Buy Me a Boat and now I feel as though he is finally getting some much deserved recognition with EVERYBODY. Because of these details I HAD to include a song on the BBC Top Twenty and this is my favorite.

Heart Break

Song: Heart Break

Artist: Lady Antebellum

Album: Heart Break

Added: May 14, 2017

Writers: Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, Jesse Frasure & Nicole Galyon

WHERE WAS THIS SONG WHEN I HAD MY COLLEGE BREAK UP??? Just kidding; I am happy it came out in 2017 because it gives a really great reflection on the importance of being single. But I do think it would have been a GREAT track for the 2016 movie How to Be Single with Rebel Wilson. Okay just kidding… again.

Anyway, this brilliant song is not only catchy but the lyrics are EVERYTHING. I personally feel this way because I probably have been on a heart *pause* break for three years (by choice). After listening to it the first time it was obvious to me as to why it is the title track of the album but I am still completely shocked that it has not peaked past the 30s in the country charts. Yes, You Look Good is a kick ass song but lets bring a realistic song for all of us 20-30 somethings that now can look at the phrase Heart Break a little differently.

If it ain’t clear to y’all, I clearly like songs that are have clever lyrics.


Song: I Hate Love Songs

Artist: Kelsea Ballerini

Album: Unapologetically

Added: November 3, 2017

Writers: Kelsea Bellerini, Shane McAnally, Forest Glen Whitehead

Hey Kelsea, I relate girl. I actually hate A LOT of love song. Music in general forces me to be emotional so I tend to avoid the sappy BS which is what made me intrigued by this title. Once I heard the entire song I couldn’t help but gush over the phrases like ” your eyes cant hold stars and you’d die if your heart really skipped a beat.” I was HOOKED. I was fortunate to have been sent a snapchat video of your Spotify show in Nashville from my designer Greta Miller, so I heard this chorus prior (posted on BBC instagram here).

I Hate Love Songs easily has been played 30+ times over the last two months. So how could I not add it to the Top Twenty?

VaqueroSong: These Old Boots Have Roots

Artist: Aaron Watson

Album: Vaquero

Added: February 24, 2017

Writers: Aaron Watson


This song gives me all the hometown feels. If there is something you want to stomp to and hold you hand over your chest, this is the one of 2017. I have been a fan of Aaron for years and it is so great to see Vaquero gain some radio traction with Outta Style. I selected this song because over the year it continued to be my go-to heartfelt song.

I will stand by the statement that every year that Aaron releases an album he will be added to my Top Rated songs playlist. He will always be on there because of his stage presence, talent and lyrics that make me believe in country music as a genre.

Pull You Through _ Just Getting By (Digital 45) - Single

Song: Pull You Through

Artist: Maggie Rose

Album: Single

Added: October 19, 2017


Maggie is a powerhouse singer that no one should ever pass up seeing live. Each time that I have been able to gift my ears with the opportunity to hear her in person, I have walked away inspired and that much more passionate about my love of going to shows and supporting female artists.

If Pull You Through isn’t a smash hit ballad on country radio, I might just have to curl up and veto ever turning on a radio station again. This song is just too damn good and incredibly romantic to not be heard by everyone.

There is something to be said about such a romantic song that gives me all the feels. I don’t have my person, like many others, but this song gives me hope that this is exactly how it should be. Pull You Though, when it plays through the speakers makes me think of a Julia Roberts movie scene of s perfectly struggling couple that is going to conquer whatever plot twist comes their way. A bit obnoxious I know but I gotta have some sort of imagination right? Lets see if the song makes me feel something a little else when I hear it live next year.

Maggie we gotta get you out to Northern California again!


Song: American Slang

Artist: The Cadillac Three

Album: Legacy

Added: June 9, 2017

Writers: Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason & Lori McKenna

The Cadillac Three is easily one my top three favorite country music groups. So you’ll probably hear me talking about them an obnoxious amount and if we are seeing them live, we sure as hell are going to get there early and leave when they are done.

American Slang; Another clap worthy anthem at a show. The infectious intro allows you to know what song the entire crowd is going to be consumed in. Once you get hit with the chorus there is no way to slow a racing heart and really believing in the lyrics. We all have an upbringing and future that relates to the imagery sung in and this song is a true testament that any generation can relate to. We are all born and raised on American slang, yeah.”

Beginning of Things

Song: Lawn Chair Don’t Care

Artist: Charlie Worsham

Album: Beginning of Things

Added: April 20, 2017

Writers: Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Brent Cobb

Another underrated artist in country music. I have been following Worsham for a few years now and was eager for new music and he did not disappoint this year. He has always had a talent for story telling with his lyrics and a few songs really stood out on this album to me.

It was a toss-up between Southern By the Grace of God, but I found that this Lawn Chair Don’t Care was my perfect front porch beer song. If I ever needed a light-hearted song after a rough work day, the first 10 seconds made the day all that much better. We all could use a song that is kinda just like, eh you know what I might be broke but i don’t care.

From A Room_ Volume 1

Song: Broken Halos

Artist: Chris Stapleton

Album: From a Room: Volume 1

Added: April 13, 2017

Writers: Chris Stapleton & Mike Henderson

It may be bold to say but Broken Halos may be one of Chris Stapleton most important songs of his career.

With his success of Traveler, which helped completely change the perception of “new” eh really? mainstream artists in 2015, this song has become the most valued songs of 2018. As tragic as this year has been with natural disasters along with devastating shootings, this song seems to heal with every heart wrenching line.

Broken Halos may have set out with another interpretation but it will forever be my song as a cry to the greater beyond for those who have been impacted by unfortunate events.

It would have not be right to not include it within the Top Twenty of this year.

Current Mood

Song: Small Town Boy

Artist: Dustin Lynch

Album: Current Mood

Added: February 17, 2017

Writers: Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Kyle Fishman

Producer: Zach Crowell

I only went to Brad Paisley to see Dustin Lynch this last country concert season.

I will revise that statement. I only spent my good hard-earned money for last-minute pit tickets to see Dustin sing this song live and boy did he not disappoint.

It is no surprise that this song hit high on the charts and is still hanging out. Every girl in a crowd loves to sway and sing along with the lyrics about their favorite guy in mind.

I was also fortunate enough to get to hear Love Me Or Leave Me before it was released but Small Town Boy is still on repeat and was an incredibly great single to introduce us to  Current Mood.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… and probably my favorite


Song: The Bull

Artist: Kip Moore

Album: Slowheart

Added: August 12, 2017

Writers: Luke Dick & Jon Randall

Oh man. The Bull ties so damn close with Blonde from Kip’s release of Slowheart. SO DAMN CLOSE.

Actually this entire album could be my Top 12.

I love Kip; alongside The Cadillac Three he is in my top three favorite country artists. But besides that being a fact, I love this song.

It puts me in pain that it won’t be released as a single… I understand why but it is so f*cking good.

The amount of motivation and belief in thanking those in your past gives me everything that I feel inspired by. When I am brainstorming topics, editing posts and just dreaming up everything that I want to build, The Bull is the first song I play. The first few chords get my mind racing then the first set of lyrics make me believe that the unfathomable is completely possible. No matter who might have doubt in you, (flip them the bird) doesn’t  matter because other people including yourself got you to where you are going.

That is everything that I want to stand by; especially in this last year.

My Top Twenty of Twenty Seventeen – Apple Music Playlist

I hope you enjoyed and please try to argue with what I missed because I think its near perfection.

Peace, Love & Cali Kisses



Top Twenty of 2017 – Part 1


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