Playlist Post | Something Blue

So most of you will learn I have a canny personality resemblance to Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses.

(yes that annoying character that shockingly was invited to be a bridesmaid… twenty-seven times)


Much like Katherine in real life and Jane, I am a hopeless romantic.

Well sort of… I would say I am more of a hopeless romantic when it comes to music.

Live shows and playlists tend to draw out an emotion that I don’t regularly approach on a daily basis. This could be one of the many reasons I look at different albums or concerts as relationships… but that is a for a different post.

As every girl has a Pinterest page of her wedding day, I would like think most of them have an idea of a few songs that they would walk down the aisle too.


I mean… I am going to treat my wedding day like an epic movie soundtrack and I am not even in love! (yet…)

Something Blue has been my deep dark secret playlist for a little while and since I am in three weddings this year, standing by three wonderful couples, I know one thing…

IT IS my BRIDESMAID duty to not be selfish and share this with them!

So what better day than Valentines Day to take over the Blue Bandana Country WORLD (yes I am taking over) with access to this tremendously sappy and enchanting selection of songs.

Just promise you won’t take them all… #kthanksbye

So Katina & Ryan, Savannah & Brandon and Lacey & Matt… this one is for y’all

Apple Music | Something Blue

Spotify | Something Blue 


Peace, Love & Cali Kisses



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